Gymnastics Blue/White meet

 The official Blue and White Intrasquad meet is this Friday, Dec. 15 at 7:00 p.m. in the Smith Fieldhouse and admission is free 🙂

The Blue team will be captained by Jill van Mierlo and Kyleigh Greenlief  and their teammates for the blue team are Natasha Trejo MarshErin McKayla HiltonAngel ZhongCheyenne HillAvery BennettHaley PitouAbbey MinerAspen WelchAbby Beeston and Melanie Lockhart.

The White team is led by Mackenzie Douglas and Brittni Hawes and they will compete along with Jessie WestergardShannon Hortman EvansLauren LoveHannah MillerSavanna MaradiagaBriana PearsonAbby BodenJordan DanburyHelody Cyrenne and Allegra Clarkson.


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