FanatYcs member spotlight: Devon “Lasersheep” Smith



I have been a Cougar fan since I was old enough to understand that the
blue team was supposed to win. I remember watching games with my Dad when I was 3 years old. I remember watching Ty Detmer play when I was
4. I have knowingly been a BYU fan for 28 years.
My favorite BYU memory is an easy choice. 2006 Holy War. I was
watching at home with my family. An extended family member came over to watch with us. They started cheering every time Utah scored, and I mean REALLY cheering. They knew absolutely NOTHING about Utah Football, which made it even MORE annoying. When John Beck hit Jonny Harline for the win, I ran across the room and screamed in their face and celebrated big time. I think this family member still hasn’t forgiven me, but they also haven’t watched any games with me since. 🙂
My favorite players are:

Football – Taysom Hill

Basketball – Travis Hansen
My favorite coach was Bronco Mendenhall
I have always been known to the people in my life (school/work/church)
as the biggest BYU fan they know. My 4 year old daughter always points
to the Y, then points to me and says, “GO COUGARS!” My 8 year old son
wants to play for BYU Basketball when he is old enough. My wife
started caring about BYU when Jimmer and Jackson were leading our
basketball team to great seasons. I thank Jimmer for making this
happen 🙂
The title of “Lasersheep” was already one I had given myself, but has
taken off since BYU Sports Nation began saying it on the air a lot. I
love going to games and having people stop me and say, “You’re that
lasersheep guy, right?” I love that name more than I already did
because now coaches, players, and BYUTV personalities recognize me by
that name. It has opened many doors to meet some amazing people and
gotten me access to some pretty cool places. I’d like to think that is
because I don’t get down on BYU when things are tough. I love the
student athlete, and I love college sports. These kids have it harder
than the Pros, and they have so much expectation to excel. I’m here
for them. That’s why I love being a part of the FanatYcs! We support
BYU, the coaches, administrators, students, and athletes. BYU is a
special place!
I own at least 50 BYU shirts, 4 jerseys, 20ish hats, and so many
wristbands, tie pins, slippers, etc… If they sell it and it has a Y
on it, it’s for me!