Top16 teams BYU has never played

As the college football season has come to an end I got to thinking about teams BYU has never played, so I compiled a list of the top teams I’d like to see BYU play.

With how the way scheduling of independence has gone, many times we have had to schedule 1 game away, or when we have scheduled home/home series we usually have to travel away first. So while looking at the list of teams that BYU has never played I compiled this list of all away venues.

This list includes the teams, the stadium name, its capacity, the overall record of each team and some gameday traditions that I think would make each roadtrip a good reason to go watch the Cougars play.

I will “countdown” from 16-1, the first (last) 8 teams arent particularly big name teams with lots of tradition in the normal sense, however they have beautiful facilities, are teams in conferences where their fans are passionate about football and they would still provide wonderful roadtrips with lots of sights to see and a chance to watch the Cougars play in places they’ve never played.



Kroger Field


Capacity: 61,000

Overall record (605/618/44) ).495

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Call to the Post- At the Kentucky Derby, a bugler steps up and plays the “Call to the Post” to get the horses into the gate. At Wildcats games, UK does the same thing. Before kickoff, a member of the Wildcats band steps up to play the same tune on the trumpet, bringing the players to the field for kickoff. It’s not the most well-known tradition, but it’s a great touch that gives a nod to the state’s rich sporting history.




Vanderbilt Stadium


Capacity: 40,550

Overall record (600/613/50) .495

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• The “Admiral”, a foghorn from a U.S. Navy battleship that blows after every Vanderbilt score




Ross-Ade Stadium


Capacity: 57,236

overall record .520 (608/560/48)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• The Big Bass Drum



High Point Solutions Stadium


Capacity: 52,454

Overall record .501 (651/647/42)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• The Birthplace of College Football-Rutgers played in the first ever collegiate football  game in 1869, go check out the statue.ObviouslyOmaha.0

• Rutgers has a horse and a real Scarlet Knight



North Carolina St

*update- since this article was originally posted BYU & NC St. have scheduled a 2 game series with BYU traveling to NC in Nov of 2024 and NC St. traveling to Provo in 2030

Carter-Finley Stadium


Capacity: 57,583

Overall record .509 (593/572/55)

Gameday traditions
• Sign of the wolf: Your ring and middle finger meet your thumb while the index and pinky stick up.



Ryan Field

Ryan Field Tickets

Capacity: 47,130

Overall record .450 (536-660-44)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Keys at kickoff: Not exactly a unique tradition, but Northwestern fans jingle their keys before every kickoff during games.
• Wildcat Alley: Northwestern puts on a pregame party for fans two hours before games on the baseball field north of Welsh-Ryan Arena. The marching band performs and there are plenty of activities for everyone


North Carolina

Kenan Memorial Stadium


Capacity: 62,562

Overall record .561 (689/533/54)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Tar Heel Town is a great experience for the whole family before entering Kenan Stadium. Currently located in the Bell Tower Park, Tar Heel Town features live entertainment, food trucks, face painting, games, and much more.

•The Tarp – The tunnel that the Heels run out of from the locker room cuts right into the middle of the student section, the Tar Pit. As the team prepares to come onto the field, students bang on the tarp together, slowly increasing the pace until they end up just going crazy. It’s awesome.



*BYU plays @Minnesota in 2020

TCF Bank Stadium


Capacity 50,805

Overall record .569 (688/516/44)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• MCNAMARA CENTER PRE-GAME PARTY a family friendly event prior to each game with food, entertainment and activities.




Blaik Field at Michie Stadium


Capacity: 38,000

Overall record. 566 (680/516/51)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Voted a Top 10 College Venue by Sports Illustrated
• The scenery is incredible.  You see the statues of MacArthur, Patton and Eisenhower.
• the view offered by its location overlooking the Hudson River and the Neo-Gothic architecture of the campus below.
• on game day morning, you have the pleasure of witnessing the Cadet Parade.
• listening to the cadets sing:On Brave Old Army Team




Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium


Capacity: 72,000

Overall record .588 (713/494/40)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

•Calling the Hogs

• Tusk, The live mascot that represents the Razorbacks today is no barnyard pig. Tusk IV, the hairy hog that attends all Razorback home football games, is a Russian boar.



South Carolina



Capacity: 80,250

Overall record .512 (602/572/44)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Currently the 20th largest college football stadium in the NCAA
• The playing of the “Dawn” section of Also sprach Zarathustra, the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, as the Gamecocks run onto the field at the start of every game, which Sporting News called “the most exciting pregame entry” in college football.
• The playing of the Darude song “Sandstorm” before the opening kickoff and after Gamecock touchdowns, leading the crowd into a frenzy, often even causing the press box to noticeably shake.
• The fireworks from the scoreboard and “rooster crow” played over the loudspeakers when the Gamecocks score.
• Nationally recognized mascot Cocky’s “Magic Box” entrance at Williams-Brice Stadium is one of the many things that Cocky does to fire up the fans.




*BYU plays @VT in 2026

Lane Stadium



Overall record .609 (738/465/46)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Ranked #2 on’s “Top 10 Scariest Places To Play
• “Skipper”: The world’s largest game cannon is present at every home game and is fired off after every VT score

• Fireworks are set-off during and after the singing of the National anthem at night games. Fireworks are also set-off on scoring plays at night games.
• Key Play: A tradition started in the late 1980s: Virginia Tech fans shake their keys as a distraction during opponent’s third down plays, signifying a “key play”.
• Bench Press: The school mascot, the Hokie Bird does one bench press for every point the Hokies score on a weight bench in the end zone.
• Hokie Pokie: The tuba section of The Marching Virginians lines up on the goal line of the north end zone to play and dance the Hokie Pokie (“Hokey Pokey”).


OK now onto my top 4, these can really be interchangeable one with another. So I didnt place a # next to them, these are all great teams, with great traditions, and great gameday atmospheres.


*BYU plays @Tennessee in 2019

Neyland Stadium


Capacity: 102,455

Overall record .677 (833/383/53)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• 5th-largest stadium in the nation.
• Color coordination of stadium
• THE VOL NAVY a community of boaters who dock on the Tennessee River near Neyland Stadium on home football games.

• Vol Walk- part parade and part pep rally.
• Rocky Top & Players running through the T



Memorial Stadium – Death Valley


Capacity 81,500

Overall record .609 (729/459/45)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• Howard’s Rock The rock is the center of a longstanding tradition where players touch it before running down the hill in the east end zone at each home football game.
• Running Down the Hill- In 1985, Brent Musburger referred to it as “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.





Capacity: 87,451

Overall record .632 (766/436/47)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere

• 10th largest stadium in the NCAA
• Regularly makes lists of the best gameday atmospheres and most intimidating places to play
• Toomers Corner
• WarEagle




Ben Hill Griffin Stadium aka “The Swamp”

Capacity: 88,548

Overall record .628 (714/415/40)

Gameday traditions/atmosphere
• Gator Chomp

•Commemorated on the south end zone’s facade are the years of each of the team’s Southeastern Conference championships and its 1996, 2006 and 2008 National Championships. Also included are tributes to the school’s three Heisman Trophywinners, Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, and Tim Tebow.
• On the north end zone facade, the Ring of Honor commemorates the greatest players and coaches in Gator football history. The members are Wilber Marshall, Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, Emmitt Smith, and Jack Youngblood.
• Albert and Alberta Gator, one of the few mascot couples in major college sports.

• “The Swamp . . . Only Gators get out alive!”




OhioSt. (BYU has played OhioSt in 2 bowl games but we have never played in the horseshoe)

Ohio Stadium, aka the Horseshoe


Capacity: 104,944

Overall record .725 (898-324-53)
Gameday traditions/atmosphere
• It’s the Horseshoe
• The 3rd largest football stadium in the United States
• O-H-I-O chant

• the Ohio State Marching Band


And there you have it, my list of teams/places that I’d LOVE to see BYU play at sometime in the future, as these would all be amazing roadtrips.