2018 “LES is More: Filling LaVell’s House”


With BYU officially releasing its 2018 schedule this week there’s been lots of talk, mainly around the tough road games, with 4 of the 6 road games P5 teams and 3 of those teams most likely going to be ranked and even better, or worse depending on how you look at it, 2 of those could be top10 teams.

However over the last week as I have been perusing the social media scene I have seen several posts and comments on both twitter and FB from Y fans expressing their thoughts and feelings in regards to this seasons home schedule.

Here are just a few of what I’ve seen and read from Cougar fans:
“its hard to get excited for”
“they should pay me to go to these no name games”
“tell me why I should renew my tix for this season with such a poor home schedule”
“are tix prices going to be cut in half since the teams are half the competition”
“after last season why would I spend my hard earned money to watch these teams”
These are just a few, I could go on if i choose to, however I’d like to get into what all these comments and posts got me really thinking about.

Listen I get it, do the likes of McNeese St. NewMexicoSt. Northern Illinois etc get me super excited and thrilled that I will pay just as much for my season tickets this season to see what is conceived as far less competition? Or would playing better caliber, higher ranked, more prominent named teams be more fun? OF COURSE the latter would be preferred by almost every single fan, unfortunately because of scheduling in independence this is the way it just so happened to end up this season, with the majority of lower level named schools/teams coming to play at LES in 2018.

The bigger question we as fans should be asking ourselves is, why are we really going to LES? Is it to see and watch the the other teams play? Is that why you have season tickets to BYU Football? To go watch the USC’s, WISC’s, Washington’s, Utah’s of college football? Or do you have season tix to go to LES to watch and cheer on the Cougars of BYU?

We go to LES to “Rise and Shout” because “The Cougars are out”

There are only 6 home games a season (most seasons), 6 weeks out of 52 thats it. That’s all we get every year to go to LES and watch our Cougars play Football. Unlike any other sport where there are several home games a season where a fan can go watch the team play, football has the least home games and therefore each and every 1 of those 6 should be treated as a very special occasion, like a holliday I say. Heck many Cougar fans throughout the country/world arent even that lucky, because of where they live, outside the state of Utah, where they arent able to come to LES every home game to watch the Cougars play, they would “kill” to be able to go to even 1 game a season just to be able to watch and cheer on their beloved Cougars in person.

Gameday (at least for me) is SO much more than the opponents, its about the ambiance and atmosphere at LES, its about friendships and family time & making memories, its about tailgating before the game, or eating a CougarTail and other favorite concession items in the stadium, its about reliving glory days and remembering favorite players, its about seeing the retired #’s of BYU greats hanging on the pressbox. Gameday is about standing and singing the Cougar fight song, watching Cosmo and the Cougarettes dance during timeouts. Its about the halftime entertainment. Gameday is about leaving the stresses of everyday life at home and being able to enjoy a few hours of entertainment.

So if none of these things or experiences connect with you & your reasoning with buying tickets to watch BYU Football, and all you care about is the opponents on the home schedule, then 2018 most likely isnt the season for you to be buying tickets and making a day/night event at LES, and your money may be better spent doing something else that you like and will bring you joy/happiness.

As for me I say it doesn’t matter who the teams are that come to Provo every week. Come out to every game and enjoy the atmosphere, the activities, the food, your friends & family, make more memories, enjoy yourself and most of all

” …raise our colors high in the blue
and Cheer our Cougars of B-Y-U”