Is a game between BYU & Ohio St. close to being scheduled?

BYU could be playing one of the top teams in the country over the last decade if things according to what Ty Detmer said, in a recent interview, are correct.

VanquishTheFoe story: A future game for BYU Football versus Ohio State? Ty Detmer says Buckeyes are on BYU’s future schedule

1280 the Zone interview with Ty

OhioSt made my list of 16 teams BYU has never played as a *Bonus. Yes BYU has played the Buckeyes however we have never played at the horseshoe and that was why I included them in my list.

I would absolutely love to roadtrip to OhioSt., another option could be the teams meet in Vegas in the soon to be built Raiders stadium. So time will tell if/when the Cougs & Buckeys play on the gridiron again