BYU Football Revenues & How Independence Is Sustainable

BYU fans want improvement, and rightfully so. They want success. They want the Cougars to win 10 football games a year. They want their basketball team to be a staple in the NCAA tournament. And a growing segment of the fanbase (and some media members) want desperately for BYU to change its conference affiliation, even encouraging a move back to the Mountain West.

“Independence is unsustainable”

This seems to be the rallying cry for the segment of fans and journalists who want BYU to head back to a conference at all costs. If a so-called Power Five conference (P5) offer comes, there’s no doubt that’s a no-brainer decision for the Cougs. And even a non-power conference (G5) arrangement with basketball is worthy of consideration if football isn’t part of the deal.

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