Spring Football post-practice 4-2-18 quotes & interviews

Kalani Sitake – “when you soak reps into young guys they actualy get better”


Jeff Grimes- “if we dont beat ourselves, then I feel we’ll have a chance to play with anybody”

“I think we got the right kinda kids, and I think they want to do well, and so what we’re trying to do during spring ball is teach them the standard, & teach them what the acceptable level is…”


Tanner Mangum on not being able to participate as much as the other QBs- “what you can control is your attitude, your preparation, your effort, so that’s just what I’m trying to control, and focus on…”

Tanner Mangum video


Micah Simon-“we’re not letting anything slide this year, we’re trying to push ourselves to be great, and we know we can be great so the accountability is held to a higher level by the coaches, but it’s not just them, us players are holding eachother accountable as well…”

Micah Simon video

Spencer & Jason recap