FanatYcs member spotlight: Brenton Ferrell “BRoyalBlueCoug”

I've been a BYU fan since, practically birth.  I'm including some pictures you can use to prove it.  The ones of me at the stadium, I was only 1 month old at the time. That is me with Mike Jenkins, backup center from 1989-1990.  I think I was crying because I was being held by … Continue reading FanatYcs member spotlight: Brenton Ferrell “BRoyalBlueCoug”


FanatYcs Spotlight: Mary Crance

I have been a "fan" of BYU since I joined the Church at the age of 15. I knew this was my school. I became a sports fan since my first day on campus. My dorm on the 3rd floor of May Hall in Helaman Halls was *right across* from the Victory Bell! My favorite … Continue reading FanatYcs Spotlight: Mary Crance